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The Oñati Socio-Legal Series is an international peer-reviewed on-line journal which publishes work within the field of law and society. This is broadly defined to include work which makes a significant contribution to the understanding and analysis of law as a set of social institutions, processes, practices or techniques, using any methodologies and approaches from the social sciences and humanities.

All papers are double-blind peer-reviewed by at least two referees.

Vol 10, No 1S (2020): The fourth wave of feminism: From social networking and self- determination to sisterhood

Edited by Caterina Peroni (National Research Council - Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies, Italy) and Lidka Rodak (University of Silesia, Poland).

DOI: 10.35295/osls.iisl/0000-0000-0000-1161

Table of Contents


Introduction. The fourth wave of feminism: From social networking and self-determination to sisterhood PDF
Caterina Peroni, Lidia Rodak 1S-9S

Thematic Articles

Feminist criminology and technopolitics: New frames for gender-based violence in Brazil PDF
Fernanda Martins 10S-37S
Where feminists dare. The challenge to the hetero-patriarchal and neo-conservative backlash in Italy and Poland PDF
Agnieszka Bielska-Brodziak, Marlena Drapalska-Grochowicz, Caterina Peroni, Elisa Rapetti 38S-66S
Political discourse on abortion in Brazil’s Parliament: the invisibility of women's rights PDF
Marília De Nardin Budó, Cristina Carla Rodrigues, Eduarda Toscani Gindri 67S-99S
Mediated friendship: Online and offline alliances in girls’ everyday lives in Italy PDF
Arianna Mainardi 100S-115S
Sisterhood and the 4th wave of feminism: An analysis of circles of women in Poland PDF
Lidia Rodak 116S-134S
Feminismo(s): hibridaciones frente a diferencialismos (Feminism(s): hybridition versus differentialisms) PDF
Barbara Biglia 135S-159S

Individual Articles

Derechos humanos de las mujeres en el mundo árabo-islámico: universalismo versus relativismo (Women's human rights in the Arab-Islamic world: Universalism versus relativism) PDF
Ewa K. Strzelecka 160S-183S
Anticipar la libertad: participación psi en los procesos de criminalización de mujeres privadas de libertad (Anticipate the freedom: Psi participation in the processes of criminalization of women deprived of liberty) PDF
Natalia Laino Topham 184S-217S
Algunas reflexiones sobre las diferencias de género en las conductas infractoras de niñas y adolescentes en Chile (Reflections about gender differences in girls' delinquency behaviors in Chile) PDF
Marcela Pilar Aedo Rivera, Patricia Varela Pino 218S-239S



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