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The Oñati Socio-Legal Series is an international peer-reviewed on-line journal which publishes work within the field of law and society. This is broadly defined to include work which makes a significant contribution to the understanding and analysis of law as a set of social institutions, processes, practices or techniques, using any methodologies and approaches from the social sciences and humanities.

All papers are double-blind peer-reviewed by at least two referees.

Vol 9, No 6 (2019): Investigations - Investigaciones - Ikerlanak

DOI: 10.35295/osls.iisl/0000-0000-0000-1106

Table of Contents

Hacia una clasificación socio-jurídica de las leyes que sea funcional al análisis de efectividad legislativa (Towards a Functional Socio-Legal Classification of the Legal Norms for the Regulatory Effectiveness Analysis) PDF
Félix Arias-Schreiber, Antonio Peña Jumpa 880-923
La reforma constitucional en Cuba en el marco de la aplicación provisional del Acuerdo UE-Cuba del 2016 (The Constitutional Reform in Cuba in the Context of the Provisional Implementation of the 2016 EU-Cuba Agreement) PDF
Alexis Berg-Rodríguez 924-950
Justicia restaurativa y mediación penal intrajudicial en Aragón: condiciones, resistencias e incertidumbres (Restorative Justice and Mediation Within the Criminal Legal System in Aragon: Conditions, Resistances and Uncertainties) PDF
María José Bernuz, Andrés García Inda 951-982
Acoso sexista callejero: ¿qué respuesta puede ofrecer el Derecho penal? (Sexist Street Harassment: What Kind of Answer Can the Penal Law Provide?) PDF
Alicia Brox Sáenz de la Calzada 983-1000
The Criminal Prosecution of the International Trafficking of Human Beings in the Federal Justice System of Brazil PDF
Luciano Ferreira Dornelas, Bruno Amaral Machado 1001-1025
Contenido esencial de derechos fundamentales desde el modelo discursivo y principialista de Robert Alexy (Essential Content of Fundamental Rights from the Discursive and Principialist Model of Robert Alexy) PDF
José Luis Leal Espinoza, Rogelio López Sánchez 1026-1051
What Keeps Students from Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and Prescription Drugs? The Impact of Legitimacy of the Law, Prudent Behaviour and Perceived Dangerousness PDF
Stefan Machura, Sunita Matharu, Faye Mepham, Sarah Leanne Smith, Jonathan Aston 1052-1077
Lost in Translation? Latin American Lawyers-Students in American Law Schools: Transplants and Globalization PDF
Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo 1078-1096
Gerrymandering Hypothesis in the Italian Constituencies: the Case of Genoa’s District PDF
Fabio Ratto Trabucco 1097-1117
Perspectives on the militarization of public security in contemporary Brazil PDF
Luís Antônio Francisco de Souza, Carlos Henrique Aguiar Serra, Thaís Battibugli 1118-1133



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