Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

Master Works

This issue includes the best Master´s theses

Table of Contents

Foreword PDF
Sol Picciotto
What Do Transgender Women’s Experiences Tell Us about Law? Towards an Understanding of Law as Legal Complex PDF
Esen Ezgi Tascioglu
Governance in Córdoba’s Mixed Tribunal: A Study on Microphysics of Power PDF
Santiago Abel Amietta
Dealing with the Margins of Law: Adult Sex Workers' Resistance in Everyday Life PDF
Marisa Natalia Fassi
The Interaction Between Law, Economics and Indigenous Cultures: The Ocumicho Devils PDF
Lucero Ibarra Rojas
Uso estratégico del derecho: reconocimiento del matrimonio de parejas del mismo sexo en Argentina (Strategic use of law: recognition of same sex marriages in Argentina) PDF
Mariana Manzo
Constructions of the Violent State: The case of Extrajudicial Executions of civilians by state military forces in Antioquia, Colombia PDF
Sandra Milena Gómez Santamaría
Same-Sex Marriages inside the Closet: Deconstruction of Subjects of Gay and Lesbian Discourses in Russia PDF
Alexander Kondakov
The Role of Municipalities and the “New Paradigm” in Safety Public Policies in Brazil: an Analysis of the Process of Shifts in Public Policies PDF
Mariana Kruchin
Insite or Outside the Law: Examining the Place of Safe Injection Sites within the Canadian Legal System PDF
Aidan Macdonald

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