• Sol Picciotto IISL Scientific Director / IISJ Director Científico


International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Instituto Internacional de Sociología Jurídica, IISL, IISJ, Oñati, International Master's in the Sociology of Law, Theses


It is very appropriate that this first issue of the first volume of the Oñati Socio-Legal Series should be devoted to the best of the Master´s theses produced in 2010 (those graded eximia or magna cum laude). These research papers demonstrate much of what is best about the Oñati Institute´s wide range of activities.

The Institute is now well known worldwide, as well as being firmly rooted in the Basque Country. It welcomes researchers and scholars for short and long stays: as visiting researchers, from doctoral students to emeritus professors; as participants in the workshops held weekly from April to July on many topics organised by leading researchers from all over the world; and as teachers in the Master´s programmes. They come to use the excellent facilities: the Library, the Old University, the Residence; to debate and interact, think and write, while enjoying the pleasures of Basque cuisine and culture and the beautiful location.

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