Vol 7, No 3 (2017)

The Place of Apology in Law

Issue edited by Prue Vines (University of New South Wales) and Robyn Carroll (University of Western Australia).

Table of Contents


Special issue on Apologies: Introduction PDF
Robyn Carroll, Prue Vines 365-369

The meaning of apology

The Value of Apologising within a Moral Community: Making Apologies Work PDF
Prue Vines 370-389
Interpersonal Apologies: A Psychological Perspective of How They Might Work in Law PDF
Alfred Allan, James Strickland, Maria M Allan 390-407
An Empirical Note on Perceptions of Partial Apologies PDF
Mandeep Dhami 408-420
The Acceptance of Apologies in the Corrective Process: Implications for Research and Practice PDF
James Strickland, Alfred Allan, Maria M. Allan 421-436
Apology in the Criminal Justice Setting: An Update PDF
Carrie Petrucci 437-454

The impact of apologies and the effect of apology laws

Promoting and Protecting Apologetic Discourse through Law: A Global Survey and Critique of Apology Legislation PDF
John Charles Kleefeld 455-496
The Doctor Has Apologised. Will I Now Get Compensation for my Injuries? Myth and Reality in Apologies and Liability PDF
Andrea Zwart-Hink 497-510

Apologies as redress, remedy and reparation

Apology and Spanish Criminal Law at the Post-Sentencing Level: the Gap Between Legal Provisions and Victims and Offenders’ Experiences in Cases of Terrorism PDF
Gema Varona 511-527
Mitigation, Apology and the Quantification of Non-Pecuniary Damages PDF
Jeff Berryman 528-546
State Amends for Lawful Harm Doing PDF
Colleen Murphy, Jennifer K. Robbennolt, Lesley Wexler 547-568
Apologies, Mediation and the Law: Resolution of Civil Disputes PDF
Robyn Carroll, Alfred Allan, Margaret Halsmith 569-600

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