Vol 3, No 3 (2013)

How many lawyers are too many lawyers: perspectives, context and place

Issue edited by Eyal Katvan (Ramat Gan Law School), Carole Silver (Indiana University) and Neta Ziv (Tel Aviv University)

Table of Contents

Thematic Articles

Doing Good Instead of Doing Well? What Lawyers Could be Doing in a World of “Too Many” Lawyers PDF
Carrie Joan Menkel-Meadow 378-408
"Overcrowding the Profession" – an Artificial Argument? PDF
Eyal Katvan 409-429
Production of Lawyers in Israel – What Does Unauthorized Practice of Law Have to Do With It? PDF
Neta Ziv 430-449
Law Schools and the Continuing Growth of the Legal Profesion PDF
Herbert Kritzer 450-473
Professional Prestige in the Indian LPO Industry PDF
Swethaa Ballakrishnen 474-511
The Acceleration in the Number of Lawyers in Israel - What have Changed? PDF
Limor Zer-Gutman 512-532
Holding Onto ‘Too Many Lawyers’: Bringing International Graduate Students to the Front of the Class PDF
Carole Silver 533-560
Access to Justice in South Africa: Are there Enough Lawyers? PDF
David Mcquoid-Mason 561-579
Barriers to the Profession: Inaction in Ontario, Canada and its Consequences PDF
Avner Levin, Asher Alkoby 580-594
Tesco Law and Tesco Lawyers: Will our Needs Change if the Market Develops? PDF
Avrom Sherr, Simon Thomson 595-610

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