Vol 10, No 3 (2020)

Practices of Memorialization and the Process of Social Reconstruction

Edited by Martin J.M. Hoondert (Tilburg University) and Gema Varona Martínez (University of the Basque Country).

DOI: 10.35295/osls.iisl/0000-0000-0000-1120

Table of Contents


Introduction. Practices of Memorialization and the Process of Social Reconstruction PDF
Martin J.M. Hoondert, Gema Varona Martínez 535-543

Thematic Articles

The Srebrenica exhibition PDF
Dion van den Berg, Martin J.M. Hoondert 544-562
Story-telling as memorialisation: Suffering, resilience and victim identities PDF
Simon Green, Katherine Kondor, Alicia Kidd 563-583
The unique Basque peace process: Linking Basque and European generations for global transitional justice PDF
Joxerramon Bengoetxea 584-615
Oñati's youth facing the armed conflict: Analysing the discourses of the first post-conflict generation PDF
Samara Velte 616-641
Tourists as post-witnesses in documentary film: Sergei Loznitsa’s Austerlitz (2016) and Rex Bloomstein’s KZ (2006) PDF
David Clarke 642-663
Restorative pathways after mass environmental victimization: Walking in the landscapes of past ecocides PDF
Gema Varona 664-685

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