Vol 6, No 5 (2016)

Investigations - Investigaciones - Ikerlanak

Table of Contents

Individual Articles

The Withdrawal of Health Care from Irregular Immigrants and Medical Conscientious Objection PDF
Yolanda García Ruiz 1079-1097
The Impact of a Legal Framework on National Film Industry: an Approach to Basque-Language Cinema PDF
Miren Manias-Muñoz 1098-1114
Procesos de Consulta Transparentes: la Construcción del Acuerdo en Las Flores, Mecatlán, Veracruz (Transparent consultation processes: Building agreements in Las Flores, Mecatlán, Veracruz) PDF
Naayeli E. Ramírez-Espinosa, Antonino Santiago Isidro 1115-1140
Trust in Legal Institutions: an Empirical Approach from a Social Capital Perspective PDF
Mariana Zuleta Ferrari 1141-1170

Book Reviews

Book Review: A Study of Mixed Legal Systems: Endangered, Entrenched or Blended PDF
Esteban Ciangarotti González 1171-1173
Book Review: The Quiet Power of Indicators - Measuring Governance, Corruption and the Rule of Law PDF
John Cipperly 1174-1178
Book review: Do not judge a book by its cover PDF
Filip Cyuńczyk 1179-1182
Book Review: Lawyers and Savages; Ancient History and Legal Realism in the Making of Legal Anthropology PDF
Gloria Lee 1183-1186
Book review: Advanced Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law. PDF
Ainhoa Martinez 1187-1192

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