Vol 3, No 2 (2013)

Disasters and Sociolegal Studies

Issue edited by Susan Sterett (University of Denver)

Table of Contents


Disaster and Sociolegal Studies PDF
Susan Sterett 161-179
Uncertain Governance and Resilient Subjects in the Risk Society PDF
Pat O'Malley 180-195
Land Use Planning and Disaster: A European Perspective From Spain PDF
Juli Ponce 196-220
Law, State and the Politics of Catastrophes: a Critical Perspective on Epiphanies of Injustice and the Need for Protection PDF
Valerio Nitrato Izzo 221-233
The Comparative Jurisprudence of Wildfire Mitigation: Moral Community, Political Culture, and Policy Learning PDF
Lloyd Burton 234-253
Transboundary Impacts of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Disaster: Focus on Legal Dilemmas in South Florida PDF
Alka Sapat, Ann-Margaret Esnard 254-276
Disaster Mythology and Availability Cascades PDF
Lisa Grow Sun 277-292
The Role of Law in Engineering 'Natural' Disasters PDF
Arthur F McEvoy 293-311
Multi-level Governance in Environmental Risk Management PDF
Petra Hiller 312-325
Internal Environmental Displacement: A Growing Challenge to the United States Welfare State PDF
Michelle A. Meyer 326-345
Long Term Recovery in Disaster Response and the Role of Non-Profits PDF
Victor B Flatt, Jeffrey J Stys 346-362
Disasters, Focusing Events, and Sociolegal Studies PDF
Thomas A Birkland 363-377

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