Review policy

Review policy

Original articles go through an editorial pre-review and double blind peer review by external reviewers. Book reviews and translations go through an editorial review.

Reviewers are asked to comment on the following aspects:

  1. Is the paper well organised and structured, does the argument flow well?
  2. Are sources adequately and properly cited, and are the language and expression clear, adequate and appropriate?
  3. Is the paper of sufficient interest and originality to be published in the Series?
  4. Do you have suggestions for revision of the paper:
    • (i) parts which could be shortened or deleted,
    • (ii) arguments or points that need clarification, expansion or development,
    • (iii) important and relevant views or work which the author should take into account, or
    • (iv) for reorganisation of the paper?
  5. Please state whether your suggestions are
    • (i) advice to the author and the paper could be published without checking the revised version
    • (ii) you have suggested specific changes which must be made but a non-specialist could check before publication that the changes have been made;
    • (iii) the paper should not be published unless the revised version is approved by you (or if you are not able or willing to read a revised version, please if possible suggest someone who could); or
    • (iv) the paper should not be published.

In case of serious disagreement between reviewers, the editor may make a final decision or nominate a third reviewer.

Based on the reviewers' recommendations, authors will be notified of the review process (Accept submission ; accept with minor revisions ; resubmit for review ; decline submission), including the reviewers' reports and comments.

Authors must revise their papers accordingly in four weeks’ time. A letter explaining the changes made can also be included. Authors are required to respond to critical or disfavourable reviews, by addressing the main points raised by the reviewer.

The reviewers’ recommendations will always be taken in consideration; however, the final decision on the publication of the paper is always made by the editors, and the author will be informed. All the communication will be to the email account used to submit the paper to the journal.