OSLS and Sortuz have published their own style guidelines


OSLS and Sortuz have now their own official house style guidelines compendium, published and available to anyone on each of the journal websites and on the step-by-step submission panel. These guidelines have been developed drawing on the internationally well-known Harvard and APA guidelines, but they also acknowledge the nuance and particular usage of them that contributing authors of both OSLS and Sortuz have made throughout the years.

This compendium of the Oñati guidelines does not aim to be exhaustive. Its goal is to offer an overview of our house style as it has developed organically and as it is understood and owned by both OSLS and Sortuz as a part of their editorial policy and process. It is based on the British Standards BS 5605:1990 Recommendations for citing and referencing published material and BS 1629:1989 Recommendations or references to published materials, and also, partially, on the APA Style Guidelines. All of these have been adapted to reflect the current usage in both OSLS and Sortuz.

Authors are advised to present their submissions using this citing and referencing style. When in doubt or for something not covered in this style sheet , they can always default back on the commonly used Harvard guidelines, because accepted submissions go through a personalized editorial revision and correction of citations and references, as well as other formal aspects.

As a by-product of the Harvard style, the core of the Oñati style is to cite publications in the text by giving the author’s surname and the year of publication, and to list all the citations in a bibliography (“references”) at the end of the text. This is why it can be referred to as “author - date style”.