Vol 7, No 4 (2017)

“Too Few Judges?” Regulating the Number of Judges in Society

Issue edited by Eyal Katvan (Center of Law & Business, Ramat-Gan, Israel), Ulrike Schultz (FernUniversität, Hagen, Germany), Avrom Sherr (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, UK) and Boaz Shnoor (Center of Law & Business, Ramat-Gan, Israel).

Table of Contents


Introduction: Not Enough Judges PDF
Avrom Sherr 601-615

Methodology, Data and Numbers: Too Few/Many/Much Judges

Methodological Issues in the Comparative Analysis of the Number of Judges, Administrative Personnel, and Court Performance Collected by the Commission for the Efficiency of Justice of the Council of Europe PDF
Marco Fabri 616-639
Case Weighting as a Common Yardstick: A Comparative Review of Current Uses and Future Directions PDF
Matthew Kleiman, Cynthia G. Lee, Brian J. Ostrom, Richard Y. Schauffler 640-660
Judging Judges: A Study of U.S. Federal District Court Judges in the 10th Circuit PDF
Eli Wald 661-690
Judicial Work and AV Use: Perceptions from Australian Courts PDF
Anne Wallace, Sharyn Roach Anleu, Kathy Mack 691-716

Shortage of Diversity – Gender, Ethnicity and Class

Shouldn't the Bench be a Mirror? The Diversity of the Canadian Judiciary PDF
Avner Levin, Asher Alkoby 717-751
Women Judges and Women’s Rights in Pakistan PDF
Livia Holden 752-769
Judicial Capacity in a Transforming Legal System PDF
Hugh Corder 770-789

Reasons and Consequences

The Price of Judicial Economy in the US PDF
Bruce Green 790-808
The Effects of the Shortage of Judges in Israel PDF
Limor Zer-Gutman 809-824
Court’s Precious Time: Transparency, Honor and Judicial Scarce Resources PDF
Boaz Shnoor, Eyal Katvan 825-846

Managing (and) Solutions

The Supply of Judicial Labour: Optimising a Scarce Resource in Australia PDF
Brian Opeskin 847-878
Court Backlogs: Balancing Efficiency and Justice in Singapore PDF
Helena Whalen-Bridge 879-894

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