Vol 6, No 6 (2016)

Radically Rethinking Marriage

(Special issue)
Issue edited by Nicola Barker (Kent Law School) and  Suzanne Lenon (University of Lethbridge)

Table of Contents


Radically Rethinking Marriage PDF
Nicola J. Barker, Suzanne Lenon 1193-1195

Thematic Articles

The Limits of Marriage Protection: in Defence of Property Law PDF
Rosemary Auchmuty 1196-1224
In Defence of the ‘Gold-Digger’ PDF
Sharon Thompson 1225-1248
Rethinking Conjugality as the Basis for Family Recognition: A Feminist Rewriting of the Judgment in Burden v. United Kingdom PDF
Nicola J. Barker 1249-1275
Divorcing Marriage from Sex: Radically Rethinking the Role of Sex in Marriage Law in the United States PDF
Sally Goldfarb 1276-1302
A Patchwork of Marriages: The Legal Relevance of Marriage in a Plural Legal System PDF
Elsje Bonthuys 1303-1323
Intervening in the Context of White Settler Colonialism: West Coast LEAF, Gender Equality and the Polygamy Reference PDF
Suzanne Lenon 1324-1347
Marriage, Law and Polyamory. Rebutting Mononormativity with Sexual Orientation Discourse? PDF
Christian Klesse 1348-1376
Marriage and Advance Consent to Sex: A Feminist Judgment in R v JA PDF
Jennifer Koshan 1377-1404
Take My Breath Away: Competing Contexts Between Domestic Violence, Kink and The Criminal Justice System in R. v. J.A. PDF
Ummni Khan 1405-1425

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