Vol 5, No 3 (2015)

Existential Dimensions in the Socio-Legal Sphere


Issue edited by Ronnie Lippens (Keele University) and James Hardie-Bick (University of Sussex).

Table of Contents


Existential Dimensions in the Socio-Legal Sphere: Introduction PDF
Ronnie Lippens, James Hardie-Bick 846-849

Thematic Articles

Necessary Illusions: Life, Death and the Construction of Meaning PDF
James Hardie-Bick 850-861
Escape from Evil? Notes on Capacity, Tragedy, Coding and Non-Destructive Immortality Projects PDF
Ronnie Lippens 862-873
Existentialist Freedom, Distorted Normativity, and Emancipation PDF
Sorin Baiasu 874-894
A Fragile Craft: The Principium Individuationis and the Law PDF
Maria Archimandritou 895-918
Transcending the Carceral Archipelago: Existential, Figurational and Structurational Perspectives on Power and Control PDF
Simon Green 919-944
Space, Place and Desistance from Drug Use PDF
Ben Hunter, Stephen Farrall 945-968
Unheimlichkeit: Alienated and Integrated Identities and Criminal Existence(s) PDF
Anthony Amatrudo 969-981
Toward a Transformative Alchemy: The Phenomenology of the Event of Psychotherapy PDF
Matthew Draper, David Polizzi 982-1005

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