Vol 4, No 5 (2014)

Evaluating Judicial Performance

(Special Issue)

Issue edited by Francesco Contini (National Research Council of Italy), Sharyn Roach Anleu (Flinders University) and David Rottman (National Center for State Courts)

Table of Contents


Evaluating Judicial Performance: Editors’ Introduction PDF
Francesco Contini, Sharyn Roach Anleu, David B. Rottman 836-842

Conceptual and methodological issues

Conflicts and Commonalities in Judicial Evaluation PDF
Richard Mohr, Francesco Contini 843-862
Methodologies for Measuring Judicial Performance: The Problem of Bias PDF
Jennifer Elek, David Rottman 863-879
Evaluating Judicial Performance and Addressing Gender Bias PDF
Angela Melville 880-897
Evaluating Judicial Performance Evaluation: A Conceptual Analysis PDF
Joe McIntyre 898-926

Experiences of evaluating judges

Judicial Performance Review in Arizona: A Critical Assessment PDF
Rebecca White Berch, Erin Norris Bass 927-952
From Evaluation to Improvement: A Chief Justice’s Perspective PDF
Marilyn Warren 953-973
Individual Evaluation of Judges in Germany PDF
Johannes Riedel 974-992
Internal and External Dialogue: a Swedish Approach to Quality Work in Courts PDF
Marie B. Hagsgård 993-1014

Empirical research findings

Judicial Performance and Experiences of Judicial Work: Findings from Socio-legal Research PDF
Sharyn Roach Anleu, Kathy Mack 1015-1040
Judicial Performance and Experiences of Judicial Work: Findings from socio-legal research by Sharyn Roach Anleu & Kathy Mack: Commentary PDF
Gar Yein Ng 1041-1045
Thinking about Judges and Judicial Performance: Perspective of the Public and Court Users PDF
David Rottman, Tom Tyler 1046-1070
Researching Justification Texts of a First Instance Court: from Assignment to Results and Reporting PDF
Philip Langbroek, Tina Linden, van der 1071-1098
Formula over Function? From Algorithms to Values in Judicial Evaluation PDF
Francesco Contini, Richard Mohr, Marco Velicogna 1099-1116

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