Vol 4, No 6 (2014)

Justice in Literature: New Perspectives on European Legal Culture

(Special issue)

Issue edited by Joxerramon Bengoetxea (University of the Basque Country) and Iker Nabaskues (University of the Basque Country)

Table of Contents


Editors' Introduction: Justice, Rights, Literature PDF
Joxerramon Bengoetxea, Iker Nabaskues 1117-1123

Part I: Classic authors

Michael Kohlhaas or the Germans and Their Law PDF
Heike Jung 1124-1132
El Médico de su Honra (The Doctor of his Own Honor) by Calderón de la Barca: The Honor as a Cause of Exemption of the Penal Responsibility in the Baroque Spain PDF
José Palacio González 1133-1142
On Racine’s The Litigants PDF
Claude Witz, Martin Hlawon 1143-1155
Kierkegaard - le Philosophe, le Juge et le Droit (Kierkegaard – the Philosopher, the Judge and the Law) PDF
Ditlev Tamm 1156-1166
An Overview of Justice in Sir Walter Scott Waverley Novels: The Heart of Mid-Lothian PDF
Enrique García Díaz 1167-1172
Law, Science, Facts and Morals in Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde PDF
Iker Nabaskues 1173-1184

Part II: Contemporary authors

An anti Dreyfus Case? Crainquebille or Ordinary Injustice According to Anatole France PDF
Sophie Delbrel 1185-1193
John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath: Narrating the Wrong PDF
Joxerramon Bengoetxea 1194-1207
Statement of Problem: Dangerous Desires in Orwell's 1984 and the Present Spanish Penal Code PDF
Alison Hogg 1208-1231
Emma Zunz by Jorge Luis Borges: the Concept of Justice PDF
Rosa Vila 1232-1240
Saramago’s Death with Interruptions: A Path to Reconsider Essential Dilemmas Linked to Health Law PDF
Sandra Mabel Wierzba 1241-1253
Narraciones de Cien Años de Soledad Acerca del Conflicto Armado y la Violencia Política en Colombia (Naratives of One Hundred Years of Solitude About the Armed Conflict and Political Violence in Colombia) PDF
Camilo Eduardo Umaña Hernández 1254-1270

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