Vol 3, No 5 (2013)

Human Rights and the Environment: In Search of a New Relationship

Issue edited by Anna Grear (Cardiff University)

Table of Contents


Human Rights and the Environment: in Search of a New Relationship: Editor’s Introduction PDF
Anna Grear 796-814

Theme I: Philosophical Re-Investigations

The Earth Community and Ecological Jurisprudence PDF
Peter David Burdon 815-837
Doubt and Denial: Epistemic Responsibility Meets Climate Change Scepticism PDF
Lorraine Code 838-853
Actors or Spectators? Vulnerability and Critical Environmental Law PDF
Andreas Philippopoulos‐Mihalopoulos 854-876

Theme II: Reconfiguring the Legal

Equality – Finding Space in Environmental Discourse PDF
Loretta Feris 877-892
Factors in the Development of a Global Substantive Environmental Right PDF
Stephen James Turner 893-907

Theme III: Activism and Praxis

Human Rights Practice: A Means to Environmental Ends? PDF
Kate Donald 908-930
Schopenhauer’s Mitleid, Environmental Outrage and Human Rights PDF
Tom Kerns 931-952

Theme IV: Multi-level Reformulation

Human Rights and the Environment: In Search of a New Relationship. Synergies and Common Themes PDF
Evadne Grant, Louis J. Kotzé, Karen Morrow 953-965
Towards a New Horizon: in Search of a Renewing Socio-Juridical Imaginary PDF
Anna Grear 966-990

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