Vol 1, No 4 (2011)

Socio-Legal Aspects of Adjudication of International Economic Disputes

Issue edited by José Augusto Fontoura Costa (Brazil) and Sol Picciotto (United Kingdom)
These articles are mainly based on papers originally presented in the workshop Socio-Legal Perspectives on the Adjudication of International Economic Disputes, held in the IISL, 15 and 16 July 2010 PROGRAMME [+info]

Table of Contents

Thematic Articles

Comparing WTO Panelists and ICSID Arbitrators: the Creation of International Legal Fields PDF
Jose Augusto Fontoura Costa
Reform at the top: What's next for the WTO? A second life? A socio-political analysis PDF
Daniel Drache
From the Green Room to the Court Room (And Back): Judicial Clarification of Ambiguity in WTO Law and the Effects on Subsequent Negotiations PDF
James Flett
Contributions and Limitations of Empirical Research on Independence and Impartiality in International Investment Arbitration PDF
Gus Van Harten
Corporations and the Uses of Law: International Investment Arbitration as a “Multilateral Legal Order" PDF
Peter Muchlinski
Legitimacy and Reflexivity in International Investment Arbitration: A New Self-Restraint? PDF
David Schneiderman
Socio-Legal Perspectives on the Adjudication of Cultural Diversity Disputes in International Economic Law PDF
Valentina Sara Vadi
Transplanting the European Court of Justice: The Experience of the Andean Tribunal of Justice PDF
Karen J. Alter, Laurence R. Helfer, Osvaldo Saldías
Interpretation and Institutional Choice at the WTO PDF
Gregory Shaffer, Joel Trachtman

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