Vol 7, No 6 (2017)

Investigations - Investigaciones - Ikerlanak

Table of Contents

Individual Articles

Conceptions Of Freedom In The Use Of The Open Public Space: The Foruen Enparantza In Oñati As An Illustration PDF
Leopoldo Cruz Balbuena 1160-1198
“We’re vulnerable too”: an (alternative) analysis of vulnerability within criminal legal aid and police custody PDF
Roxanna Dehaghani, Daniel Newman 1199-1228
Sharing Child Custody: Coparenting After Divorce in Spain. PDF
Paloma Fernandez-Rasines 1229-1246
When Human Claims Become Rights. The Case of the Right to Truth over “Desaparecidos” PDF
Arianna Jacqmin 1247-1272
Los usos del testimonio en los estudios de la memoria. El caso de las violaciones masivas a los derechos humanos en la Argentina (Testimony uses in memory studies. The case of gross violations to human rights in Argentina) PDF
Julieta Mira 1273-1286
Pena de muerte, peso de la ley, justicia simbólica y cultura jurídica escocesa en “El Weir de Hermiston” de Robert Louis Stevenson (Death Penalty, Force of the Law, Symbolic Justice and Scottish Legal Culture in Robert L. Stevenson's ‘Weir of Hermiston') PDF
Iker Nabaskues 1287-1307
Literature, Society and Law: a Three-sided Mirror. The Basque Case. How Contemporary Literature Reflects Identity, Conflict And Memory In The “Spanish” Basque Country: A Tridimensional Mirror PDF
Lorena Ortuoste Ibarzabal 1308-1342
Ikastolen Elkartea, Example of Effective Transfrontier Cooperation Under the European Language Charter PDF
Ihintza Palacín Mariscal 1343-1370

Book Reviews

Book review: Preventing Crime. A Holistic Approach. PDF
Andrea Díaz Rozas 1371-1373
Book review: Living on the margins. Undocumented migrants in a global city PDF
Arianna Jacqmin 1374-1378
Book review: Juridification and Social Citizenship in the Welfare State: A collaborative research work PDF
Victor T Morris 1379-1382

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