Vol 8, No 8 (2018)

Sex Work in the Early 21st Century – Law, Policy and Reality

Issue edited by Jacek Kurczewski (University of Warsaw, Poland) and Mavis Maclean (Oxford University, UK).

DOI: 10.35295/osls.iisl/0000-0000-0000-0990

Table of Contents


Introduction. Sexwork in the UK: stereotypes and statistics in the 21st Century PDF
Mavis Maclean 1123-1133

Thematic Articles

Research on indoor sex work in Poland – an ethnographer's dilemmas PDF
Izabela Ślęzak 1134-1150
Institutionalized Hypocrisy: Sex, Money and Law PDF
Jacek Kurczewski 1151-1163
Sponsorship: a form of prostitution or a form of traditional gender relations? PDF
Malgorzata Fuszara 1164-1178
What does change of the law change? – Prostitution and the law in action: National regulation and local practices of public health policy in Germany PDF
Claudia Vorheyer 1179-1196
A debate on prostitution in Spain: Barcelona’s bylaw on coexistence PDF
Paula Arce Becerra 1197-1214

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