Oñati Socio-Legal Series, Vol 2, No 1 (2012)

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Road Accident Mediation in Córdoba: in the crossroad of fields, strategies, and positions

Agustín Vélez Massa


Court-related mediations have become commonplace in many legal systems around the globe. In this research I will focus in road accident mediations taking place in a public mediation center in Córdoba (Argentina), where mediation is mandatory for an important range of cases. Throughout the thesis I attempt to grasp the set of practices that take place in those mediations; which have mediators, lawyers and parties as main actors. To endeavour to do this, I will rely on the concepts and ideas developed by Pierre Bourdieu. I intend to analyse the strategies, positions, habitus, and capitals of mediators, insurance companies (and their lawyers) and plaintiffs (and their lawyers). I attempt to show how road accident mediation constitutes a particular field, with its own illusio, which rules are continuously under struggle. The interconnections among the different agents are highlighted as well as the opportunities and constraints their position imposes above their practices.

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