Congratulations to Shahla Ali. Her paper listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list

Shahla Ali's paper, Facilitating Settlement at the Arbitration Table: Comparing Views on Settlement Practice Among Arbitration Practitioners in East Asia and the West
SSRN's Top Ten download list in all the journals where it has been submitted:


1. International Economic Law eJournal:

2. Negotiation & Dispute Resolution eJournal

3. Journal of LSN: International Arbitration (Topic)

4. Law & Society: International & Comparative Law eJournal

5. Journal of Law & Culture eJournal

6. Journal of LSN: Dispute Resolution (Topic)

7. International Economic Law eJournal

8. Microeconomics: Welfare Economics & Collective Decision-Making eJournal

9. ERN: Conflict; Conflict Resolution; Alliances (Topic)

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